Want to jump on the Airbnb bandwagon and get your house listed? If you’re looking to make your home appear as appealing as possible for Airbnb, look no further than the humble bathroom. There are plenty of simple (and inexpensive!) ways to remodel bathroom for Airbnb. So if your bathroom doesn’t exactly amaze, here are some simple remodels you can do that may be the difference between a customer choosing your place and losing it to someone else. You want those images that are going to compel someone to say, “That’s the house I want!”

Accent the bathroom’s best features

An inexpensive way to remodel bathroom for Airbnb is with a well-placed vanity mirror.An effective way to advertise your home for Airbnb is to find the most photogenic areas that offer the best impressions of your home. If you’re struggling to find any, here are some ideas to make the features of your bathroom really pop without breaking the bank:

  • Make a vanity mirror your focus point: While mirrors make rooms feel larger, a well-placed vanity mirror with chrome-plated decor also adds character and style to an otherwise bland room. Because potential customers are likely looking at dozens of properties, any chance you have to show off your home’s unique style is worth taking.
  • Buy white tiles but accent with another color: The costs can pile up while tile shopping. Because white tiles are the most cost-effective option in updating your bathroom’s tile situation, you can buy majority white but accent them with solid-color, more expensive tiles.
  • Update lighting fixtures: Dim or yellowing lighting fixtures easily make any room feel much older. Switch out outdated lighting with a fixture that offers something more dramatic, such as glass features or multiple bulbs.

Apply fresh paint

A universal sink for a kitchen or bathroom remodelAdding a fresh coat of paint to the walls or stain to the cabinets quickly brightens up the bathroom without needing to physically tear out fixtures or flooring. A word of warning, however, is to pay attention to moisture. Mildew and mold can flourish in the bathroom so make sure you buy paint with a satin finish. There’s even special ceiling paint made specially for the bathroom to prevent mildew growth. This is something you can mention in your online posting as part of your remodel bathroom for Airbnb.

As a general rule, repainting your bathroom is going to take longer than you think. Plan accordingly so that the most important room in your home is not out of commission for an inconvenient length of time.

Go eco-friendly with plumbing fixtures

remodel bathroom for airbnb includes using eco friendly fixtures you can then advertise onlineWhile making updates to the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom, choose low-flow toilets and showerheads that conserve water so that you save money every time they’re used. It’s a win-win to update the most-used appliances in your bathroom with eco-friendly fixtures. In addition, a growing number of prospective customers may appreciate the nod to the environment, which makes your home that much more appealing.

Remodel bathroom for Airbnb ideas

Hitting roadblocks with your bathroom remodel? Arguably the most important room in the house, your bathroom can make or break the appeal of your home as a whole to a potential Airbnb customer. Contact the professionals at Meticulous Plumbing today and speak to an experienced technician for assistance with your bathroom remodel.

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