• Meg Willison/Borton
    Meg Willison/Borton

    I am proud to co-run Meticulous Plumbing with my husband Leo, since March of 2009. Before teaming up, I worked in the airline industry for 12 years in Reservations, Crew Scheduling and Scheduling Management. I am also well versed in high-end client services, and the Services industry. With mine and Leo’s background experiences, and to be fortunate to have a great team, and a great fortune to have wonderful clients, we are proudly solid. Big dog lover, former cat lady, I enjoy the outdoors, old car shows, and binge-watching a good series.

  • Leo Borton
    Leo Borton

    Hello, my name is Leo and I co-owner Meticulous Plumbing with my wife Meg. I am a second-generation plumber who was introduced to plumbing by my father. While my experience involves new construction, and remodel, my primary work experience has been in service. While in the plumbing trade for over 35 years I have trained in management and troubleshooting plumbing systems. I am proud to co-represent our personal integrity and reliability that my wife and I represent.

  • Anne Bachman
    Anne Bachman

    I’ve been working with Meticulous Plumbing since 2013 and have enjoyed working here because of the family atmosphere and the amazing team we have. I started my tenure with Meticulous Plumbing as a part-time dispatch/CSR and worked to gain knowledge and business understanding and now I am the Office Manager. I have and continue to learn so much about the plumbing industry and a growing service company. We have built a great team and work synonymously with office and field teams to better serve our clients.

    In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, training one of my dogs in nose work, and gardening.

  • Tamara Chambers-Ryall
    Tamara Chambers-Ryall

    Before joining the Meticulous Team, I worked in management in the answering service and dispatch environment since 2007. While working in management I have learned a lot of skills that I am able to utilize such as efficiently dispatching technicians within a designated area, providing excellent customer service to clients, and identifying potential problems and finding a solution. Since joining Meticulous Plumbing as a dispatcher in August of 2018, I have learned so much about creating a seamless experience for our clients and making a good impression from their very first phone call all the way to the completion of each repair we make.

    Meg and Leo are excellent business owners and continuously go above and beyond not only for their clients but also for their employees. They are both kind and encouraging and they have built a business that I have a lot of pride in working for. The fun family-like environment and all-around positive attitudes make coming to work something I look forward to. I am excited to continue to learn and grow with the company.

    I have another job doing payroll for my family’s answering service. Outside of work, I am a member of the American Pool Association and enjoy pool competitions. I am also a huge Blazer fan and watch every game. Some other hobbies I enjoy in my free time include cooking, watching Netflix, and spending time with my family.

  • Seth Mosely
    Seth Mosely

    Born and raised in Northwest Oregon, with a passion and family background in construction. I started plumbing right out of high school and have acquired multiple certifications in different plumbing systems. Meg and Leo’s professionalism has helped me grow as a plumber. They are honest, caring, and great to work for.  I have a full house at home with 2 babies, 2 cats and our dog Jax. We love going out and enjoying everything the great Northwest has to offer.

  • Joe Beltran
    Joe Beltran

    Going into my 6th year at Meticulous, I have had the opportunity to grow with the company.  I enjoy my role as project manager on large projects and running service in-between.  Leo and Meg provide a great work environment to allow success and growth for the whole team

  • John McMahon
    John McMahon

    Hi! My name is John,  I’m currently in the plumbing apprenticeship program, I show up every day eager to learn and to assist the Journeyman in any way I can. Leo, Meg, and the team have been very helpful teaching me how to get started in this industry and I am very excited to see my future with Meticulous. After work I’m usually found working on my 1977 Volkswagen rabbit or out in the forest trying to find new places to hunt or fish.

  • Eric Wagner
    Eric Wagner

    I’m excited to be a part of the Meticulous team.  Looking forward to learning the plumbing trade. 

    I’ve worked in new construction and extensively in remodeling of existing homes. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the PNW. I like small engine repair, yard maintenance, motorcycles, and older Toyotas.

  • Brent Olson
    Brent Olson

    Recently joining the Meticulous Team, I have a background in remodel & commercial plumbing however I enjoy service challenge the most. I like the outdoors and visiting the coast in my free time

  • Padre, Shop Dog
    Padre, Shop Dog

    I was just a pup when my family started Meticulous Plumbing over seven years ago. The office used to be in our living room, along with my favorite dog bed and toys. They moved the home office to a shop/office four years ago. It was a fun and exciting adventure from the beginning! Now, I run a busy shop and love all my co-workers. My parents even brought my favorite dog bed and toys here. If you hear a bark when calling in, just know I’m working on “quiet.”

  • Fiona, Shop Pup
    Fiona, Shop Pup

    Hi! I am Fiona!! I am the newest member to the Meticulous Team, not the best listener, but brilliant crazy smart. Should have everyone trained to my liking in no time. I get to go to work with my folks, and hang out with my super friends in the office. LOVE people! My hobbies include, playing with Padre, playing, chasing my tail, surfing desktops, and food….food in any form, any any any kind of food.