leaky-faucet-repair-portland-orDripping faucets are not only an annoyance they can add dollars to your utility bills, and worse if they are allowed to continue can do irreversible damage to the faucet. We can repair that faucet before any real damage can take place, and if that faucet does need replaced you can rest assured that your plumber will have a choice for you. We carry Wolverine Brass faucets that offer a 100 year cartridge warranty, which means you will not have to buy parts for that faucet again. Of course we carry a wide variety of parts for other brands as well to help make sure your repair, or replacement is……meticulous.

We take our business of serving customers very seriously and understand that having a plumbing issue is never convenient for you. When we receive a call from a customer in need, we work hard to make the entire process painless – from the phone call to the completion of the job – never overlooking any detail along the way. It is our mission to be the best and most trusted plumber in the Portland area.

The noise from our bathroom faucet was driving me insane! I couldn’t figure it out. Leo took care of it — and two other leaks I didn’t even know I had!

-Kate S.