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truckWe are a locally and family owned/operated company. With a wide background to give the options required to solve any plumbing issue permanently; while continuously looking at new technologies, and cleaner alternatives. Meticulous is well experienced in the Plumbing field to serve the unique and diverse Portland area.

With our goals being a “Quality-Based Company”, we do provide pricing prior to beginning any project with an emphasis on our Clients. Meticulous will stay with any project until your issues are solved, in a clean, respectful, and professional level of craftsmanship. If there are any risks to a project, Meticulous will inform our Clients, and give options to remove those risks or avoid them before they happen. Not explain them after we’ve gotten into a project.

We offer a home inspection of your plumbing system at the time of service. This inspection is an attempt to head off any potential issues you may have. We do not force you to allow us to inspect your home. We strongly feel this is your home and having permission to inspect and involve our Clients is a respect for your home and family.


All Phases of Plumbing – Repair, Replacement or Installations


svc_area_updateWhen you call us, we will set up a firm time of arrival. When your plumber arrives, he or she will be wearing a uniform and shoe covers to keep your house clean. Your plumber will consult with you. Your plumber will provide an estimate for the project and will go over it with you in detail so you understand the work we are proposing.

With your approval, your plumber will start work and will stay with your project until your issues are solved. If there are any risks involved in your project, your plumber will explain them to you and will give you options to remove those risks whenever possible.

If you are interested, your plumber will offer you a whole-house plumbing inspection. Hopefully, we will be able to head off any problems before they start!

When the project is complete, your plumber will clean up the area, show you the results, and recycle all materials from the project.

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Contact us by email at or give us a call at 503-208-2812.


About the Founders

Meg & Leo Borton is a husband and wife team that own and operate Meticulous Plumbing. Leo is a second generation plumber with over 30 years of experience. He has been in the service portion of the plumbing trade for 20 of those 30 years, with a vast amount of training in management, as well as troubleshooting plumbing systems.

Meg has a vast background in dispatching with a very large airline, as well as managing and dispatching for construction and plumbing companies. Putting these two experiences together for one common goal has produced a high “quality based company” with a priority, and focus on customer service.

We believe that the Plumbers who serve their clients directly are Professionals, and to be a professional at any occupation takes more than just knowing the mechanics of that occupation, but also care about their clients as well as the end result. If we can perform our duties in that manner, and be proud to put our name on that project, we will have done our jobs in a noble manner.