Due to a cancellation, dispatch was able to fit me in on the perfect day. Erin West arrived early, looked things over, discussed the options, and got to work.” Meticulous” says it all! They’ve done work for me before, and the result is always outstanding. The care, expertise, and follow up are impressive, and Erin’s delight in the elderly sink and its details was charming. When plumbing needs work, you need Meticulous.

Daniel A.

Thank you so much for the quick response. Everyone at Meticulous has been great to work with and instrumental in getting both of our homes up and running.

Harry C

Seth was great. He did a great job, efficient, and gave good detailed estimates. Thanks again Meticulous.

Roger E

The plumber which was dispatched, Erin, was wonderful. She was very professional. Gave a very descriptive proposal and estimate. It was a pleasure working with her and look forward to seeing her again. As always, very pleased with Meticulous Plumbing.

Leona G

Erin is by far the best plumber I have ever had the joy of diagnosing my pipe/water heater issues. Josh is a close second. He was efficient and explained what was happening through the whole process. Water heater is working great. I will continue to recommend Meticulous Plumbing to friends and family.

Shannon A

Once again, I experienced terrific service today. Josh was here promptly, was thorough in his analysis and work (thanks in part to the initial evaluation and notes done last week by the first plumber who came out). Also, Josh clearly explained what was needed and answered my questions patiently and clearly. I won’t hesitate to call Meticulous again if the future with any plumbing need. Thank you!

Sue S

This is the second time we have used this company. The first plumber is a woman, and I mistakenly thought that it was a Womens’ plumbing company, and had the sexist idea that women would be more “meticulous” than men. So when a guy, Josh, showed up, I was disappointed and concerned because he is a year away from the 4-year requirement to be a full fledged plumber. But he was great! He not only fixed the things we needed, but he showed my husband how he could do it the next time if it’s needed. He was on time, easy to work with, friendly and professional. The scheduler sent him days early because they had a cancellation. We are happy to have this great team.

Gretchen N

I just wanted to send a review for the services Seth has provided us. Seth has been so helpful. We’ve really appreciated the time he’s taken to explain our plumbing issues to us. His recommendations have been really practical. Seth has represented your company really well. Meticulous is definitely our go-to plumber now!

Laine G

The person on the phone coordinating everything was fantastic. She got me taken care of the same day, which was awesome. And Erin was awesome too. Fixed the issue, explained it to me, checked out a couple other issues and gave me an estimate for those repairs. Friendly and professional. Thank you to both.

Mike M

Thank you Erin you’re honest, professional, and get things done quickly. Thank you for your time.

Sarah F

Seth was quick and courteous.

Tom G

Loved Josh and John. Intelligent, kind, and efficient! The work looked beautiful and was done with tradesperson pride and attention to detail. I will request Josh to return (John too if he’s not in the apprenticeship program) without confidence and warm regards.

Jasmine F

Thank you! And in particular I want to thank Leo for coming out, taking a close look at the “mess”, and for his frank assessment and recommendations. I really can’t thank you enough for that, Leo, it’s a real pleasure to talk with someone who really knows their trade.

Dave J

Thank you Josh, Joey, and the whole Meticulous team for making our first repair in our new home such a good experience. From the service call to the actual repair work, everyone from the team was kind, patient, and didn’t talk over me. Such a rare combination! Josh was super clean, fast, and funny. Thank you!

Jana D

Erin came out and fixed are super old American Standard sink with parts we had sourced. We thought this was going to be a total bathroom remodel if she couldn’t fix it. We she did and she was great!

Mike K

Seth was terrific taking out and putting in a new electric water heater.

Mary M

Please let Erin know that we really enjoyed meeting with her today! She is awesome!


Thank you so much for your services. Erin was amazing!

Jessica M

Impressed with Josh, very straightforward and I felt very comfortable with him. Please pass my praises on to the owner. He is an excellent representative of your company.

Neil R

Erin is an excellent plumber! Her clear communication, obvious knowledge and experience, and her professionalism, instantly affirmed our decision to work with Meticulous Plumbing. Now we know we have a plumber that we can call when the need arises, and that is very reassuring! Thank you very much Erin – you are awesome!

Monica S

The important things are: Competence, Knowledge, Courtesy, and Workmanship.
The technician, Erin West, I would rate very highly in all categories and would like to have back for future repairs.

Julius S

Thank you again for finishing up the plumbing work at my house. Both Erin and Joe were just great. Nothing but appreciation on my end. I’m really glad to have you all as a resource when I need it.

Andrea R

I would highly recommend Josh Bennick for any plumbing job. Last week he came to our house and figured out what was causing the backup of water in our basement, cleaned out the lines multiple times, just to make sure, and now everything is fine. What impressed me about Josh was his work ethic, his “smarts” in diagnosing the problem, and then making absolutely sure he had solved it. I realize some other plumber might just give it a “once over” and call it good. But not Josh! He did it right and did it repeatedly to make sure he had solved the problem. Plus, he explained what he was doing, so I could understand what the problem was. We have always had good service from Meticulous, and Josh more than lived up to your reputation for high quality work, great service, and plumbing expertise.
Josh is top notch!

Dan L

Josh was just amazing. He is very good at his job and he did an excellent job and can’t wait to have him back here to install the toilet.  You guys are expensive, but Josh was worth what we paid.

Marty K

Erin West did a terrific job for me today. She was very persistent and able to unplug a bath train that 2 other plumbers failed to do. I liked her approach where she spent some time figuring out where all the drains went before starting in. Something the other 2 plumbers failed to do as well. 

Kermit M

Josh from Meticulous Plumbing has done work on our house before, and did a great job. His work today was just a professional, skilled and efficient as before. Josh is very easy to work with. He explains what he is going to do, in clear terms that a layman can understand, he goes over the cost of the work so I understand what is to be done and about how long it will take, then he goes to work in a calm, orderly and professional manner. You could not have a better plumber than Josh. At the end of the project, he explains what he did, shows photos of the work, makes it easy to pay be credit card. Then Meticulous promptly emails a receipt. This is five star Plus service! You may share my review on other platforms if you wish, but please do not use my last name or email address or phone number with them. Thank you.

Dan L

Just wanted to send a note to say how much we appreciated our plumber, Erin West, sharing her knowledge of what was going on with the pipes and not just repairing the issue at hand but also providing a thoughtful recommendation. Super helpful!

Lauren T