Is your shower cramped and dated? Is it safe for everyone in your home? If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, give your project long-term appeal by incorporating the principles of universal design into a new shower.

What Is Universal Design?

Universal design is a way of building that ensures a home is enjoyable and convenient for people of every size, age and ability. For instance, a curbless shower benefits everyone because it’s easy to step or roll into. A bathroom remodel using universal design doesn’t sacrifice beauty for accessibility. The lack of a barrier doesn’t compromised its aesthetic appeal; many of the most stylish showers are built with this design.  

A bathroom remodel using universal design will be accessible to people of all ages and abilities.Elements With Universal Appeal

Universal design is about making each element of a room intuitive to use. Here are some of the features to consider when you’re building a shower with these easy-to-live with principles.

Barrier-free entrance: A shower stall that’s level with the rest of the bathroom floor is easy to enter. Water can be contained with a door or curtain, but many designs are open. The shower needs to have ample space to move comfortably or maneuver a wheelchair.

Floor: Construct a non-slip floor from stone, tile or decorative concrete. The floor should be smooth and built at the proper grade, sloping gently toward a drain.

Seat: For those who are unable to stand, a built-in seat allows for independence while showering. Many others will appreciate having a place to prop a foot or relax under a hot spray of water.

Faucets and handles: Position faucets and spray nozzles within easy reach, whether the occupant is seated or standing. Plan on at least two showerheads: a handheld on a height-adjustable mount and an overhead sprayer.

Install lever-type handles for the controls and door. Controls should be easy to use with one hand, either the right or left. Temperature valves on controls prevent scalding accidents, a danger for both young and old.

Shelf or wall niches: Install easy-to-access shelves for soap and other small essentials. These should be placed at various heights near the seat.

Grab bars: Grab bars come in high-end finishes and styles. If you don’t need a grab bar now, incorporate a plan that makes future installation easy.

Short On Space?

An open shower requires more space than a traditional shower. If you’re short on space, you may want to convert a bathroom into a wet room. A wet room has wall-mounted sinks and toilets, a central drain and a doorless shower. Wet rooms are the essence of utilitarian cool. Since fixtures float on the wall, these bathrooms have few barriers to wheelchairs, plus they’re easy to clean. They also happen to be favorites of those who like sleek, modern design.

The lifeblood of every successful bathroom remodel is good plumbing. Call on Meticulous Plumbing to ensure your project gets off to the right start. We’ll help you build your dream bathroom.


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