Main water lines or water services are typically replaced for three primary reasons.

  1. Your aging water line is leaking, or an inferior product is failing.
  2. You want to increase the water volume into your home, especially if you have galvanized piping that is almost rusted shut.
  3. You want to be proactive about your water line and to fix it before it becomes a huge problem.

Of course, that raises a few more questions about the main water lines that serve your property.

Meticulous Plumbing has compiled a list of questions and answers that may help clear up any confusion about this topic.

Q: What constitutes an “inferior product”?

Meticulous Plumbing technicians have years of combined experience. So — although the definition of an “inferior product” is a little subjective — it remains true that certain materials that make up the main water line are better than others.

Our experience shows that modern, well-constructed, long-lasting lines are typically made of copper, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene).

On the other hand, polybutylene pipes (used extensively in the latter part of the 20th century) have been known to fracture and fail.

Finally, most plumbers would recommend replacing iron or lead pipes. (Iron can rust, and lead is toxic.)

Q: How old is “old” for a water line?

Well-made pipes can last for decades — sometimes up to 100 years. However, if you live in an older home — especially those built before 1970 — it’s probably best to have Meticulous Plumbing come out and check them for you.

Copper pipes can last 50 years or more, while the operational lifespan of PVC pipes can be much higher (about 75 years).

Q: How can I be “proactive”?

The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure goes for main water line pipes, too. For example, if you’re considering adding bathrooms to your home or increasing the size of your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that your pipes are set up for success rather than failure. (A lot can go wrong if additional water is pushed through pipes that aren’t capable of handling the increased water pressure.)

Being proactive saves money, prevents potential water damage, and often simply means having an expert examine your plumbing system.

Meticulous Plumbing is ready to offer advice and guidance for any work you’re interested in doing to your home.

Main Water Line Repair in Portland, Oregon

If you have concerns about your home’s plumbing system, including the main water lines, Meticulous Plumbing will work with you to find solutions.

Oftentimes, we can install a “trenchless” water line, which offers a less destructive and cleaner process for installation. A trenchless water line is an effective way to update your system. It’s durable, green and clean, and very cost effective in the long run. Plus, it eliminates the need to dig up large pieces of your property!

Best of all, when you partner with Meticulous Plumbing, your new water service won’t just meet code, it will meet our “Meticulous” standards.

Contact Meticulous Plumbing today with any questions.

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