No matter whether you’re looking to cut costs, protect the environment or adhere to regulations, installing a low-flow toilet is a smart thing to do. Here are a few facts to show you why it’s the right choice. A standard toilet uses a whopping 20 gallons of water for every person each day. This represents almost thirty percent of a home’s average use.

If you replace that water-wasting toilet with a more efficient model, you can cut your water use by more than half, according to government data. You can also save potentially hundreds of dollars on your water bill. When you’re looking for a low-flow toilet, there are a few general tips that will help you choose the right one for your home.

Performance, Performance, Performance

The most important aspect of a low-flow toilet is how well it can remove waste after you flush. One of the leading tests out there to assess performance is called Maximum Performance testing (MaP), which is used by many water utility companies in the U.S. and Canada in addition to government agencies and toilet manufacturers. Check out the test results to compare different products before making your purchase.

Choosing From Wash-Down or Siphonic Method Toilets

There are two common ways that a toilet flushes. One, called the siphonic method, is often used on toilets manufactured in North America. This method works through a siphon action which pulls waste from the toilet when it is flushed. More common in Europe, the “wash-down” technique instead pushes waste from the bowl. Most dual-flush toilets employ the wash-down model.  Because wash-down toilets have a much larger trapway, clogging is reduced, but a smaller surface area raises the chances of skid marks on the bowl.

Get a High Efficiency Toilet (HET)

If you want to preserve the most water possible and save more money, you should look for a toilet meeting the HET standard. This is defined as a toilet that flushes at least 20 percent under the 1.6gpf maximum. Some states, such as California and Massachusetts, offer incentives if you purchase a HET toilet.

Try Out Different Designs

There are almost as many designs as there are toilets these days. You can choose among different heights, shapes (some are round and some are elongated) and sizes. If you want to purchase an elongated bowl, make sure you measure your bathroom beforehand to ensure you have the space.

Above all, a low-flow toilet can help you save money and do your part to preserve water. In an era of droughts and worry over water waste, this is the perfect opportunity to get on the low-flow bandwagon.

Meticulous Plumbing can help you sort through the options for a new low-flow toilet. We carry reliable, affordable brands. Contact us today for more information.

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