Although it may not be as glamorous or talked about as a master suite or chef’s kitchen, the laundry room still plays a vital role in the day-to-day activities of your family. Those households with a couple of kids can attest to that: if you don’t stay in front of it, the laundry can really stack up!

But they also may act as a mudroom, feature a laundry sink to wash the dog or paintbrushes, and many other tasks. And like a master bath or kitchen, having access to on-demand water is very important. If the water heater is located in the laundry room, there’s also the potential for catastrophic water issues because they can hold 40 to 120 gallons of water.

If you keep on top of the maintenance of your laundry room plumbing, you’ll save yourself frustration, money, and time. By taking care of problems early, you’ll nip issues in the bud and may be able to avoid costly and involved repairs.

It takes just a handful of simple procedures to ensure your water supply lines, tanks, fittings, and even washing machine drain are in good working order. The following are tips to keep your laundry room plumbing in tip-top shape and in good working order.

Make a List, Check It Twice

Your washing machine is one of the most important appliances in your home. There’s more plumbing than meets the eye on most machines. Making sure the hoses are securely connected to the water main is the most obvious task in preventative maintenance.

Here are a few more things to check regularly to ensure your machine is ready to take on your family’s dirty laundry.

  • Inspect your washing machine for signs of wear, including loose joints and leaks.
  • Check exposed pipes under the drain sink for signs of leaks.
  • Pour a bucket of water down the drain to keep the trap seal full.
  • Check the temperature setting of your water heater to make sure it’s not over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Check for puddles or lots of water on the floor. Try to find the source of the water. You could have a leaking water heater, or there could be a problem with your washing machine.

Switching Appliances
If you’re getting ready to switch out a washer, make sure you turn the water off at the washer box first. You shouldn’t have to turn the water off for the whole house. The washer box is where the hot and cold water comes from the wall to their corresponding valves.

Give Your Laundry Room an Environmentally Friendly Makeover

Energy conservation is good for your budget and helps the environment. With more efficient appliances and practices, you’ll cut down on energy use and lower your power and water bills. These are a few of the simple steps you can take to reduce waste in your laundry room.

  • Replace rubber hoses with stainless steel braided hoses that last longer and are resistant to leaking and cracking.
  • Install strainers on your washing machine hoses and drains to keep hair and debris from entering or clogging your drain lines. Physical barriers are effective and don’t require harsh chemicals.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when choosing laundry detergent for the washing machine. High-efficiency machines often use a concentrated formula that can cut down on how often you need to buy soap.
  • Consider replacing your washing machine with an up-to-date, high-quality, front-load model. Choose a high-efficiency model for the most savings.
  • Consider replacing your dryer, too. The washer and dryer use a lot of energy so it’s important to have energy-efficient models.

Being Diligent Pays Off

Be conscientious about maintenance and you’ll reduce the risk of problems down the road. With well-maintained plumbing and appliances, you can focus on getting your laundry clean instead of worrying about the pipes. In addition to checking sink drains and your plumbing system supply pipes, make sure to check the dryer vent pipe, too. Might as well have the entire laundry room running efficiently, right?

Work With Local Plumbing Professionals

We understand how important it is to make sure your laundry plumbing functions as it should. With more than 30 years of experience in the Portland Metro area, Meticulous Plumbing knows exactly what to look for if your laundry room plumbing has sprung a leak.

Whether it’s loose lines or a clogged drain, we have the resources to get you up and running again. In the middle of a home renovation or even want to move the laundry facilities? We also provide plumbing installation services as well as moving pipes and to fit your needs.

In addition to your laundry plumbing, we also install, service, and repair plumbing for your entire home. It could be a powder room off the kitchen, the entire kitchen itself, or a brand new en suite master bathroom. We also provide an inspection service where we look at the entire system, from where it comes into the house to where it finally exits the structure.

Meticulous Plumbing can help you with any of your plumbing needs. If you’d like to replace any of your appliances with new, high-efficiency models, contact us or give us a call: 503.208.2812

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