new-year-resolutionsThe New Year is upon us, and here at Meticulous Plumbing, we want to help you make 2015 be the very best if can be! Plumbing issues can really hold you back, but there’s no need to let them! Consider the following fresh ways to keep your home safe and efficient.

Learn What Really Goes Into Your Garbage Disposal . . . and What Doesn’t!

This is essential to the smooth functioning of your kitchen all year long. Fruit rinds, chicken bones, and egg shells, as well as non-food items like glass or paper, have no place in your disposal and can not only clog it temporarily, but break it permanently. In addition to keeping inappropriate garbage out, be sure to clean your disposal out after washing dishes by pouring dish soap and cold water inside and allowing it to run.

Only Clean Your Drain with Eco-Friendly Remedies

Chemical drain cleaners can do serious damage to your pipes. The best protection against this issue? Don’t use them! A mix of baking soda, lemon, and hot water can clear your pipes even more effectively, without causing additional clogs or unfixable damage to the materials that make up your pipes. Our team at Meticulous Plumbing is ready and able to help remove any and all clogs from your pipes and return your home to its pre-clog state, quickly, efficiently, and with your budget in mind.

Prioritize Water Heater Inspections

Contrary to popular belief, your water heater cannot best serve your home when it sits, ignored for years, in your basement. Water heaters require periodic inspections and regular maintenance to continue to work properly in your home. Be sure to contact Meticulous Plumbing today to inspect and flush out your water heater so it can continue to run smoothly for you and your family.

Note: If you need to purchase a new water heater in the next year, do so before April 2015. At that time, new water heater efficiency regulations will come into play, causing new water heaters to skyrocket in price. Purchase now to avoid a product and installation price increase of almost 100%!

Consider A Whole-Home Plumbing Inspection

Having a plumber complete a whole-home plumbing inspection can be invaluable in weeding out problems in your home and eliminating them before they turn into expensive disasters. Interested? Contact Meticulous Plumbing for information about our whole-home plumbing inspection offerings and for specific answers to all of your plumbing questions.

Looking for ways to make your home and plumbing more efficient this year? Our team is always delighted to answer your questions and provide the service you need to keep your home running successfully. Happy New Year!

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