When our plumbing pipes are working well, we don’t hear from them. When something’s amiss, however, we can trust that pipeswe’ll hear about it, sooner rather than later. Squealing pipes are just one sign that the plumbing may not be working properly. Here at Meticulous, we want you to have all the facts, so consult the following if your pipes are making sounds you wouldn’t normally expect:

Hot Water Flow Issues

If your pipes squeal only when you turn on the hot water, the source is in the flow of heated water. When hot water fills water pipes, they expand while increasing in temperature. This widening can cause fittings and pipes to rub against each other and against other objects inside the walls or cabinets, causing strange sounds.

Insecure pipes

If the sounds you are hearing seem to originate from behind walls or ceilings, the issue could be with the straps that secure them in place. These straps are made of metal or plastic and may wear down or break over time. If they are no longer holding your pipes in place, your plumbing may emit squealing or banging sounds. Once the straps are replaced, your pipes will likely return to a state of calm and quiet.

Water Hammer

When the valve used in your home’s plumbing closes abruptly, the flow of water also stops. This can send energy reverberating through your pipes that may sound like knocking or squealing. By closing your home’s main water valve and then opening the lowest-lying water valve in the home, you may be able to drain the water out of the plumbing. As soon as the flow of water stops, close the valve and open the house’s main water valve. By doing so, you release the pressure built up from stopping the flow of water.

Hammer-like sounds can also be a sign of high water pressure, and can easily be checked with a gauge at your outside faucet.

What’s the risk?

Noisy plumbing does not usually indicate a serious problem. However, squealing and thumping can be symptoms of loose plumbing connections, which can lead to future issues. If water is leaking in areas where you hear noises, you may observe signs including peeling or bubbling paint. In this case, call Meticulous immediately for expert assistance that gets your home back in safe, working condition.

Squealing pipes can be more of a hassle than a danger in your home. However, they can also indicate the beginnings of a long-term problem. Sort out what issues you may be dealing with by calling a trusted plumber to evaluate and repair, if necessary.

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