bathroom-taupeHome improvement is an ongoing process. Emergencies that demand your attention, such as a burst pipe or basement flood, usually receive first priority, followed by those endeavors that improve your quality of life, like a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Finally, there are those projects that may increase your property value in future. However, without concrete plans to sell your home, you may not be sure you want to invest in making those changes right now.

If you’re wondering what projects will best serve your home and family as you move through this year (it’s almost March!), look no further than this list. The following includes projects that can make your home run more smoothly and should thus take first priority when your list of to-do’s is fuller than full.

Keep Small Leaks from Getting Bigger

You know this: small leaks don’t seal up and disappear. They get bigger, and scarier, and harder to handle. Avoid the stress of handling a flood caused by a long-ignored-leak by calling Meticulous Plumbing right now to repair those small-but-dangerous fissures before they create serious problems.

Unclog Your Sink the Right Way

Chemical sink decloggers “work” fast, but ultimately cause more harm than good. These treatments cut through grease and hair clogs without dislodging them, causing the buildup to return over time and often increase in severity. Instead, an experienced plumber can remove the clog for good and give you tips for preventing future blockages.

Treat Yourself to the Projects That Mean the Most

Have you been putting off projects for the future when there’s more time or money? Revisit your budget and see what you can afford to start now. Done is always better than perfect, and beginning projects that mean so much to you is a great way to honor your home, family, and dreams.

If you’ve already decided to move forward with a passion project, but have a few lined up and are unsure which to choose, always look to the most practical first. Kitchen remodels, for instance, create ease and harmony in the space where you and your family cook and congregate, making them an excellent choice. However, if your leaky, less-than-stylish bathroom sink has been getting you down for too long, get to work on this first. Consider your dreams and what best serves your household and you’ll never go wrong.

With all of the home improvement projects possible, it can be difficult to prioritize the ones that will be most helpful to you and your family. When considering which projects to start first, look first at those that will prevent damage and save you money, and then at the ones you’ve been dreaming about. Looking for assistance? Contact Meticulous Plumbing today!

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