garbage-disposalSpring rains have passed and the weather is warming up! Time for bar-b-q’s, sitting by the river, and relaxing in a way only warm breezes and 9pm sunsets can inspire.

While winter gets a bad rap for encouraging disastrous plumbing issues like frozen and burst pipes, summer brings with it a host of its own plumbing stressors. Not sure what those might be? Consider this list, and remember to call Meticulous for the friendliest, most efficient service when you need it most.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

If you are having cookouts or parties this Memorial Day or July 4, proper disposal of food should be top of mind. Avoid dropping those watermelon rinds or corn cobs into the in-sink garbage disposal, as this mechanism does not handle hard organic material very well and can get damaged or develop a serious clog in minutes.  

Cooking oils can also damage garbage disposal systems, so be sure to flush your system with cold water if you poured grease down the drain after grilling. Finally, be aware of friendly-but-tipsy relatives who want to help around the kitchen and may accidentally toss the wrong items down the chute, causing instant damage despite their best intentions.

Washing Machine Issues

If your kids are out of school and running around the yard or playing sports, you may be washing much more laundry than before, which can put stress on your machine. Do yourself a favor and stay at home while your machine is going, so if you encounter a problem you can troubleshoot it immediately. Another good practice is to move the machine out from the wall as far as your can to keep the hose loose and free of kinks.

Sprinkler Problems

Be sure to inspect any sprinklers embedded in your lawn at the start of the season to clean the heads of dirt and debris. Be sure to lower the sprinkler head when mowing the lawn so they do not get damaged.

Toilet Clogs

While toilets can clog any time of the year, summer brings extra use when children are home from school and friends come to visit. Most clogs are easy to clear with just a simple plunger, but some require additional assistance, especially if they have built up over a season or two. Meticulous Plumbing is ready and able to help; no job is too small, or too large.

Summer is an exciting time for parties, excitement, and play. However, when extra people come into your home for parties and kids are home from school, you may experience increased stress on your plumbing. If any of the above issues arise, be sure to troubleshoot them accordingly and contact Meticulous Plumbing for assistance when needed.

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