Spring Thaw Meticulous Plumbing Portland spring brings flowers, showers and fantasies of summer, but if your pipes are recovering from the freeze-and-thaw pattern caused this past winter’s extreme weather, get ready for another water-related concern: yard drainage.

While Portland doesn’t usually struggle with melting snow, the spring thaw causes drainage issues for many homeowners. Because the ground is still frozen, or at least hard, from months of frosty weather, spring rains do not sink into the ground. Rather, all that moisture slides over the top of the ground and, if your home is located at the bottom of even a small hill, straight into your basement.

Issues compound if your gutters are clogged and rainwater slides over the top of your gutters and down into your foundation. If your home lacks proper drainage, spring rains can cause major basement flooding, leading to mold, mildew, and the destruction of your valuables.

Sump Pit Drainage Solutions

If any of the above sounds depressingly familiar, take heart. You do not need to experience another season of basement flooding and expensive, unending water cleanup. At Meticulous Plumbing, we specialize in assisting you with the flow of water into and out of your home, and this flow includes proper drainage through sump pit drainage system.

A sump basin collects water in your basement, and a sump pump removes the water that has accumulated in this basin. Together, these two help to prevent basement flooding at any time of year, but particularly during the rainy spring months.

Sump Drainage Maintenance

Once your drainage system has been installed, it will need maintenance to remain in top-quality shape. Your plumber should examine the equipment every year to ensure that the system is running properly, as failure could result in a major home flood. Pumps that run frequently due to high water tables, water drainage, or weather conditions require more frequent examination.

System redundancy, in the form of secondary or backup pumps, can help you avoid problems when repairs are needed on your main system.

If you are examining your own pump, be sure to remove all debris in order to increase efficiency and extend the life of your pump. The check valve can also jam due to debris-based clogs, so be sure to examine carefully. The same applies to your discharge line, which, if clogged, will force your pump to work harder than necessary, increasing the likelihood of overheating and failure.

Sound confusing? We’re here to help. Our team of plumbing experts can install, routinely check, and help you maintain a sump basin and pump, so you’ll be happy for spring showers and flowers, not dreading another year of bone-soaked belongings and a basement full of water.

Updated April 3, 2017 from the original March 10, 2014 publication.

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