You’ve just purchased your dream house. It’s amazing, as you knew it would be, but one troubling fact remains: the bathroom is too small.

Even the most well-designed house or apartment can have spatial issues, often reflected in supporting rooms, like the bathroom. However, there are ways to make the best of this frustrating situation. Consider these remodeling tips and remember to contact Meticulous with any and all plumbing installation questions!

Corner That Sink

No, we don’t mean in a threatening way. If you have limited space in your bathroom, consider installing a sink that optimizes, rather than detracts from, your powder room. Cornered sinks stand politely to the side to allow more through-traffic and even storage space in cabinets beneath.

Build a Counter Over the Toilet

An extended counter can do what a basic vanity cannot: give you more room! For a minimalist look, install a sink within a vanity and then build a counter that wraps around and over the toilet, allowing you to place small necessities out in the open, just where you need them.

Nix the Shower Door

Bathrooms ranging between 5-and-6-feet wide are just large enough to fit a toilet and small tub. Consider installing a glass panel to separate your shower from the rest of the room, rather than a door. Glass panels will serve to keep your bathroom floor dry and give you a little breathing room in the process.

Trough Sink

Installing a cleanly-styled, narrow sink can provide an excellent appearance as well as space for storage and passers-by. Trough sinks also add visual interest and a modern touch.

Mount Your Faucet on the Wall

Installing a narrow sink or vanity can help to optimize the space in your bathroom, and a wall-mounted faucet can help. Have a more traditional style? Wall-mounted design works just as well in traditional design as it does in modern, so don’t rule out this savvy space-saver!

Carving out space in a tiny bathroom can be a real challenge at times. However, with space-saving sinks, fixtures, doors. and design plans, you can make the best of what you’ve got. Creating an airy, spacious bathroom is just as much about the details as it is about the cumulative effect of those details. Consider the visual and spatial needs of your bathroom and plan accordingly. Our team at Meticulous is happy to troubleshoot design with you and help you find the materials that best fit your budget.

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