Have you ever pulled out a big glob of hair from your shower drain? Maybe you have had to use a snake to clear out a sewer line from the clearout or a plunger to get your toilet unclogged. Well, if you think your experiences are gross or surprising, wait until you see what some plumbers have found in pipes and sewers.

The point of clearing a clog or obstruction with many tools is to send the whole thing down the line. Sometimes, that isn’t possible, and the obstruction is brought back to the surface. Tree roots growing the line are common issues in the Pacific Northwest. But those with young children know that just about anything can get flushed down the toilet.

When there are clogged drains or blockages in underground pipes that are impossible to move, it’s time a plumber was called. Here are just a few of things plumbing professionals have “rescued” from drainage pipes, toilet clogs, and other plumbing emergencies.


Kids are curious. That is why many of them think it is fun to experiment with throwing things down the drain. Maybe they want to see what will happen if they flush a Barbie head or plastic dinosaur down the toilet. How about a bouncy ball or a Matchbox car down the sink?

Sure, why not? These kinds of things are just some of the toys that plumbers have found in pipes. Kids are also notorious for seeing how much toilet paper they can flush at one time. Although that isn’t shocking, it can cause quite a mess.


Where is that meowing coming from? Kittens and other small creatures might think it is an adventure to climb through a pipe. But whoops – once they get down there, they realize they can’t get back out. They are stuck and it is time for the plumbers to get creative in helping get the critters out safely.


Have you ever set your jewelry on the side of your sink to wash your hands? Or maybe you set your earrings and necklaces in a bowl on your bathroom countertop before bed at night. And then, it happens. The rings or earrings get bumped, and they start cascading down the sink into the pipe.

It seems like slow motion as you try to grab them before they get into the drain, but it is too late. Now, you must call the plumber to disassemble the drain and pipe to see if they can locate your jewelry.


Dentures down the drain? That is a real bummer. Dentures unfortunately can slide right down bathroom drains. The good news: plumbers have been able to recover teeth in one piece. But, it would probably be a good idea to give them a good sanitizing treatment after their trip down the drain.

There are other more mundane objects that manage to find their way into kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and toilets. It could be too much toilet paper, paper towels when TP can’t be found, feminine hygiene products, and soiled underwear that someone thought would be okay to flush.

And if these products find a way to wastewater treatment plants, even bigger problems can occur. That’s why it’s important to only flush the flushable and put the rest in the trash, toy bin, or jewelry box. Although we do understand that accidents happen – electric razors have even been found in sewer lines!

When they do happen, make sure you have a reliable plumber on speed dial. No matter what surprises you have when it comes to your plumbing, our experienced team of professionals at Meticulous Plumbing isn’t afraid to step in and help. Contact us today!

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