Are you a confident do-it-yourself person? Many people tackle home repair jobs without batting an eye. For them, fixing a leaking faucet or installing a toilet are all in a weekend’s to-do list.

But others don’t want to go beyond plunging a sink or jiggling a toilet handle. For them, the thought of putting in a new faucet is as welcome as a blast of cold water.

No matter where you fall on the scale of home-repair skills, there are plumbing projects that require a professional plumber. At Meticulous, we’re in favor of helping people learn about their home plumbing. We’ve written lots of tutorials to help you out.

We also want to keep you safe and help you steer clear of headaches, hassles and wasted money. Plumbers get a lot of calls after amateur tries and fails to fix a plumbing problem. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed if you start a job but can’t finish it. Many situations call for specialized tools and knowledge.

Call a Plumber for These Difficult Repairs

Certain plumbing repairs are hazardous. These are jobs the average homeowner shouldn’t attempt. Here are a few of the projects where you’ll want to call on a licensed, professional plumber:

Deep clogs: If if you can’t clear a clog with a plunger or snake, it’s time to call a plumber. Never use a chemical drain cleaner on a clog. Chances are the cleaner won’t work, and you’ll be left with standing toxic water. Tree roots and other things cause deep clogs that require serious plumbing tools.

Extensive remodels: Gutting a kitchen or bathroom for a remodel can turn up hazards. You never know what you’ll find when the demolition begins. In addition to surprises, you may need to move existing plumbing and pipes. You may need to add a gas line.

Remodeling may require a permit. Professionals are familiar with building codes in the Portland-metro area. We can help you stay on the right side of your pipes and on the right side of the rules.

Water supply lines: Misconnected lines cause contamination and backflow. Always call a plumber to work on supply lines. Repairing supply lines may require soldering. Soldering creates a fire hazard, so hire someone with the right skills, tools and experience. Also, the wrong type of solder can cause harmful substances to leach into your water.

Water heater repair and installation: Water heaters are deceptively simple. They don’t have a lot of moving parts. But they contain water that can scald. Tank heaters are bulky and heavy. They are powered by either electricity or gas, which needs professional know-how. Leave installation and repair of a water heater to a professional.

Sewer and wasteline repair: This one should go without saying, but it’s still worth mentioning. Sewer gases are explosive and toxic. Don’t work on sewer lines. Call a professional.

Meticulous Plumbing is ready to assist you with plumbing repairs and remodeling anywhere in the Portland-metro area. Contact us to schedule a visit.

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