old-homeOlder homes are full of character and historic allure. If the idea of purchasing an older home appeals to you, consider the potential repairs involved. Historic homes, particularly those with plumbing systems dating from the 60’s or before, require updates to remain functional. The following are some of the issues that can come up with older plumbing and multiple ways to troubleshoot them.

Galvanized Plumbing

Galvanized plumbing, or iron pipes, were popular prior to 1960. If your plumbing is made from this material, you may experience low water pressure due to corroded or plugged-up pipes. When galvanized plumbing starts to go bad, system-wide pipe replacement can be expensive. Many homeowners take the cheaper option, which means replacing only the pipe creating an immediate issue. However, if your home is piped with iron, it is only a matter of time before each pipe corrodes, affecting the water quality and pressure available to you and your family. If you have concerns about galvanized pipes, contact our specialists at Meticulous. We can answer your questions and discuss options for repair and replacement that won’t break the bank.

Sewer Line Issues

If your home is on a sewer line, you the homeowner also own the line between your home and the street, and this line often causes issues in older homes. Roots can bind these lines and crush them inward. In addition, sewer lines can be crushed by grease, diapers, and tennis balls. Depending on the materials that make up your sewer line, it may be more prone to crushing or intrusion by roots. Cast-iron pipes as well as clay ones are particularly susceptible to this type of intrusion.

Finally, Orangeburg, a material used during World War II, is made of tar paper. If your pipes are made of this material, they should be replaced immediately, both because of the toxic nature of the material as well as its’ susceptibility to root damage.

No one wants to be surprised by the cost of plumbing repairs. While older homes certainly deliver in the character and charm department, they can cost you when you consider the maintenance and remodeling necessary to keep them in good condition. If you are considering investing in an older home, be sure to contact your neighborhood plumbing experts at Meticulous to inspect your property and troubleshoot future repairs.

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