new-kitchen-sinkA shiny new kitchen sink can increase your home’s value and make the time you spend in this room pleasant and productive. However, with so many options on the market, how can you be sure you’ve made the right choice? Purchasing a kitchen sink you’ll love is all about choosing a faucet and sink combination that enhances the function of your kitchen and complements your tastes and space.

The most common sink materials include iron, steel, and a variety of composites. Those who adore solid surfaces like stone and granite should also consider stainless steel because it has the ability to be undermounted into the stone and holds up well under rigorous use. Generally speaking, the lower gauge sinks lead to better overall quality.

If you’re worried about the noisy nature of steel, there are plenty of sound-absorbing models available.


There was a time when cast iron sinks coated in enamel were pretty much the only option for sinks. They’re gorgeous, but will eventually wear down and get scratched over time. Due to this issue, sinks made from these materials are better options for people who don’t cook regularly, or who take gentle care of their sinks. On the plus side, enamel coatings don’t smudge easily like stainless steel sinks do, making for easy cleanup.

Don’t assume that an undermount sink means cleanup easy regardless of material. The joint between the underside of the sink and the countertop is a magnet for grime. However, solid surfaces like enamel-coated iron are the easiest to keep clean. If you’re concerned about scratches, keep in mind that most minor ones can be easily buffed out. However, chipping may be an issue, as is heat transfer from hot pots and pans.

Thinking Outside the Basin

Composite sinks include the most modern materials. You can choose from a variety of materials, including acrylic or polyester. Composites are much more affordable and also come in a wide variety of colors. Sinks made of these materials are excellent choices for for budget-minded homeowners. However, remember that they are not as sturdy as other types and can be tough to clean.

You will also want to consider whether to opt for one large sink or a double sink. Both have their uses. Double sinks are great for keeping soapy and clear water separate for washing and rinsing dishes. However, if you use a dishwasher regularly and instead want more space, a larger-sized single sink may be a better fit.


Fear not: when it comes to sink fixtures, the options are endless When shopping for a new faucet, your only concern besides style preference is the type of disk valve you want to use. There are three types: cartridge, ceramic or ball. Ceramic and solid brass are most durable, and a single-level faucet is best for kitchens. However, note that brass finishes are difficult to keep shiny. Bronze finishes make for an easier-to-clean alternative that retains a similar visual warmth.

Other accessories that can make kitchen cleanup easier include a spray arm for easy usage and a garbage disposal, making cleanup a snap.

Investing in a new kitchen sink can be a rewarding experience that adds style to and improves the function of this vital room in your home. Consider the above options for an easy and pleasurable shopping experience.

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