(Updated Oct. 15, 2021)

With the way housing prices keep going up, you may be thinking about ways to spruce up the homestead instead of buying a different home. And while it might be nice to blow out a wall to create an open floor plan, there are plenty of smaller home improvement jobs you can perform to give parts of your home an immediate facelift.

So while you may not be in a position to create a whole new master bathroom, fixing up your existing space may be just the ticket. Adding a few robe hooks, switching out the bathroom vanity, or even updating the bathroom lighting could be enough. Adding a few robe hooks, towel bars, and other bathroom accessories can keep the area picked up and looking good.

Bathroom Fixtures

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, don’t forget about the fixtures. If you have a beautiful clawfoot soaking tub, why not finish the look with an ornate fixture that finishes the motif? You could replace the existing, out-of-date shower faucet fixture with something that has a hand shower system or body spray jets that hang down below the showerhead.

Even a few quick changes in a smaller powder room can make a big impression. If you are considering new fixtures, make sure you have a good idea of what you’re doing, though. No matter how good a bathroom looks, if water is dripping under the sink or behind the shower surround, it can get ugly really fast.

Picking the Right Bathroom Hardware

When choosing fixtures for your bathroom sink and tub, it’s easy to get caught in the battle between aesthetics and practicality. However, both visual beauty and functionality are necessary aspects of a room that should have a restful atmosphere, equally perfect for taking a relaxing shower after a hard workout or applying makeup in the morning before a busy day at work.

How can you incorporate both? Choosing the right fixtures is an excellent place to start. For example, vessel sink faucets will be much different than an under mount bathroom sink faucet. Consider our tips for choosing bathroom fixtures that are a pleasure to see and use.

Scout Styles Before Purchasing
In order to set yourself up for faucet purchase success, determine first which sink and shower handle you prefer – single handle or double – and what style and finish best match your current decor. You may even think about changing out other bathroom accessories. If you have a wall-mounted hand towel holder, you could switch that out to match.

If you are remodeling your entire bathroom in a new style, consider which details most closely match that style. Some manufacturers package the bathroom faucet separately from the handles, so budget for both when deciding how much to spend on your new investment.

Quality Rules

Use materials that are built to last
Regardless of the style you choose, remember that quality rules when it comes to your bathroom fixtures. Avoid lightweight designs that use plastic internal parts, as these temporary models will need to be replaced often. Many inexpensive models may look as attractive as their counterparts, but they will not last as long or perform optimally.

Look instead for sturdy, long-lasting models, even if that means a slightly larger investment. Spending a little bit more now can save very expensive costs down the road if the fixtures fail. Dry rot, mold, and other damage caused by leaky fixtures can really put a dent in the house budget.

Whether you’re looking for fixtures to complement a Romanesque marble design or a more rustic country style, you can find them. There is a large selection of styles for fixtures that come in a wide variety of materials. Finding your ideal fixture is as easy as imagining them with the variety of materials available, including:

  • Polished chrome
  • Satin nickel
  • Polished nickel
  • Polished brass
  • Antique brass
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Acrylic enamel (multiple colors available)
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper

Special Types
While you may think of bathroom fixtures as only sink and bathtub faucet handles, the term includes much more. From whirlpool faucets to bathroom faucet trim, there are many types of fixtures. Be sure that you choose designs that complement, if not match, other hardware in your space.

Keep in mind that additional components like trim pieces, faucet accents, faucet bodies, and rough-in valves must be purchased separately, so be prepared to compare finishes and styles at the store.

Choosing bathroom fixtures is an exciting aspect of putting your home together. By choosing fixtures that complement your vision and create functional ease, you go a long way to putting together a luxurious bathroom space, enjoyed by your family and guests alike.

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