food-waste-disposerYou know the holiday drill. Warm gatherings. Laughter and reminiscing about old times. Delicious food.

However, all the merriment often results in spur-of-the-moment cleanup, when distraction or help from guests can result in clogged or damaged pipes. If you’re looking to avoid all the plumbing drama this season, consider the following tips for “going with the flow” in ways that save you money and hassle.

Respect the Garbage Disposal

Give credit where credit is due! Your garbage disposal mashes up your grisly leftovers so you don’t have to look at them again. When disposing, be sure to save meat, cheese, celery, potato and carrot peels for your garbage can. Gently instruct slightly tipsy relatives in proper garbage disposal use before they toss destructive items down the chute.

Use Trash Cans in Your Bathroom

Nothing dampens the holiday spirit like a clogged or overflowing toilet. Make it easy for guests to dispose of wipes, tissues, or plastic wrappers – any trash that could clog your plumbing – by including a trash can in your bathroom if you don’t already have one.

Clean Your Faucets

Use vinegar to shine your faucets and clear away any buildup that could prevent water from flowing easily. A flowing faucet = a happy faucet.

If, despite these recommendations, you encounter clogs in your sink or toilet, fix with these tips:


For the Sink

Your sink plunger can dislodge many food-related clogs because it is designed to work specifically in sinks, not toilets. Maintain a good seal while pumping the plunger up and down to safely dislodge foreign materials. If that fails, pour boiling water down the drain, which can help break up clogs. Mix in baking soda to clear more serious clogs faster. Whatever you do, avoid using Draino or another chemical drain cleaning product, as these damage your pipes and fail to fully clear obstructions. Contact the experts at Meticulous for quick removal of your most serious clogs.

For the Toilet

Your toilet plunger is your first line of defense against clogs. However, if that doesn’t work, use a drain auger or “snake,” a flexible cable that can be pushed into the drain to clear the clog. You can purchase an auger inexpensively at your local hardware store before your next holiday get-together..

When you gather with your family for your next festive occasion, do so trusting that your plumbing is safe and secure. By following the above tips, straight from our experience to your home, you can be sure that this holiday season will be free of stressful plumbing issues and full of fun, food, and relaxation.

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