Spring is the time to make sure your irrigation system weathered Portland’s winter. Summer is fast approaching, and before the rush, you should get your home sprinkler system inspected and, if needed, repaired.

Oregon’s biggest metropolitan area typically has a few icy days each winter. This past season, Portland had several extended periods of snow and ice. The harsh weather may have taken its toll on your plumbing and home sprinkler system.

If you are having a new sprinkler system or other irrigation systems, there are several businesses in the Portland area that you can reach out to. However, if you’re having flow problems or issues with your check valves, here are a few steps you should take to get your system running optimally.

A Home Sprinkler System Backflow Device Requires a Professional Inspection

Backflow devices are required for in-ground sprinkler systems. These devices should be inspected yearly by a certified tester. Before using your irrigation system for the first time this season, contact Meticulous Plumbing for an inspection.

What is backflow?
Backflow is when water flows in the opposite direction from normal flow. It occurs when differential pressure exists between two points in your sprinkler system.

Backflow can lead to contamination of potable water. It’s a dangerous situation that can threaten the health and livelihood of your family and neighbors. That’s why our experts strongly recommend consulting a professional.

Taking Care of Your Home Sprinkler System

Avoid a Pressure Surge

A rush of pressure can burst pipes and break valves and potentially cause water damage. Bypass unwanted surges by slowly and carefully opening the main water valve. This allows the pipes to fill with water gradually instead of quickly surging.

The first time you turn on the main water valve, you should test the water pressure. Systems with excess pressure can break pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads. You can buy a water pressure gauge at a home improvement store. To install, one must attach the gauge to the faucet.

Your system will have a recommended range. Usually, that will be 45-65 PSI. If the pressure is too high, you’ll need to purchase a pressure regulator.

Wait Until the Ground Thaws

Starting a sprinkler system while the ground is frozen can severely damage pipes. Use a shovel to check to a depth of 12 inches in order to be sure you’re digging in a safe place. Otherwise, you could nick essential pipes or tubes in the delicate system. If the ground is frozen, test again in a week.

Test the Controls

In order to ensure that everything is running properly, do a trial run of the sprinkler system controls and programs. Check the date, time, and settings, and make sure to replace batteries as needed.

Although it might seem obvious, many homeowners forget this step. This is especially important for home fire sprinkler systems as it could potentially save lives.

Clear Debris

Inspect the sprinkler or spray heads for blockages. Remove dirt, sand, rocks, and any sort of foliage obstructing the flow. Even distribution of water keeps your yard and garden healthy and makes the most efficient use of your water supply.

Replace Damaged Parts

If nozzles, sprinkler heads, or tubing are damaged, replace them. Look for cracks, chips, and any worn areas. Due to continuous use and weather, your residential sprinkler systems can require upgrades more often than you may think.

Check Valves

Valves are key to an efficient irrigation system. They keep the flow of water even through the network of pipes and tubes. Find and inspect every valve before turning on the systems in new homes for the first time. Lastly, make sure to close any manual drain valves before turning on the water.

Expert Plumbers in the Pacific Northwest

Meticulous Plumbing can install or inspect your home’s backflow device, ensuring that you won’t be caught off guard by any issues.
Tired of dealing with unprofessional, unreliable contractors? With our goal of being a “Quality-Based Company”, we provide pricing prior to beginning any project with an emphasis on our clients.

Regardless of what may come up, Meticulous will stay with any project until your issues are solved, in a clean, respectful, and professional level of craftsmanship.

If there are any potential risks to a project, Meticulous will inform our clients, and give them options to remove said risks or avoid them before they happen. Communication is of the utmost importance to us, so you can rest assured that you will know exactly what our experts are doing and why they are doing it.

Your solution for all of your plumbing needs
Meticulous can provide solutions for your home sprinkler systems and much more. Our experts are well-versed in everything from water heaters, repiping, leak repair, kitchen remodeling, and more. That means when you form a relationship with us, we will have your back no matter the issue.

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