(Updated June 1, 2022)

Living a healthier lifestyle is important for many individuals and families. It could be getting outside to exercise more often, changing the way you eat, or making a more conscious effort to use less water and reduce the amount of waste you produce. Often the push to live healthier begins with changes in the home.

There are a variety of ways to embrace a green way of living, and it starts with simple steps that help you reach your goal of reducing your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly plumbing is one of those home improvement projects that can make a huge difference, both for health and your budget.

Green plumbing saves money on the energy costs you need to maintain your home, all while making less of an impact on the earth. In some cases, it can even protect the health of the residents of your home. Here is how green plumbing can help make your home a healthier place to live.

Green Plumbing for Your Health

Green plumbing offers cleaner water and conserves valuable resources. But where should you start? The first step is to investigate your water supply. Take a sample from your tap and get it tested to see if any problems should be fixed.

Next, install chlorine filters on shower heads. A filter is particularly important if anyone in your family has a sensitivity to chlorine. Because chlorine is absorbed through the skin and the digestive system, reducing the amount of this chemical in your bathing water may be important.

If you’re concerned about the purity of your drinking water, consider installing activated carbon filters on your kitchen tap or a reverse osmosis system that can help purify the water you drink. Carbon filters absorb pollutants and reverse osmosis systems can be installed at sinks to offer purified water for drinking, cooking, or brushing teeth. The water will not only be cleaner, but it will taste fresher, too.

Green Plumbing for the Environment

Did you know that according to the EPA, the average American household uses more than 300 gallons of water each day? Using less water is not only great for the environment, but also for your bank account. By installing low-flow showers and faucets, you can reduce your home water usage significantly.

This is a simple addition to your existing kitchen or bathroom fixtures, and you will notice a difference in less expensive water bills right away, especially if you make an effort to turn off the water when you’re not using it. For example, turn off the water when you are shaving or brushing your teeth, minimize your shower time, and wash only full loads of laundry.

Upgrading your toilets to low-flow toilets will also help your water usage. Flushing the toilet can use up to 28 gallons of water per person, per day. With a low-flow toilet, there is a noticeable difference in water usage. The reduction depends on your old toilet and the one you install.

Make sure you don’t have any leaks anywhere that could be causing wasted water and energy. Check your faucets, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures. Even just a small leak from your bathroom faucet could waste multiple gallons of water every day. Not to mention leaks can cause serious damage to your flooring, walls, or other parts of your home’s structure.

Save Money with Green Plumbing

Last, make sure your appliances are energy efficient. Older dishwashers or washing machines can waste water and energy. New, energy-efficient appliances with Energy Star ratings can reduce your water consumption by half in some cases–and your electric bill. Not to mention, they will be more reliable and will likely do their job quicker and better than your old products.

Also, don’t forget your hot water heater. Water heaters generally last about a decade, so if it’s been longer than that, chances are, the unit is not working as efficiently as it once was. Regular maintenance and inspections will ensure your water heater is operating at peak capacity.

Whether it’s just a few things at a time, or you are considering a complete plumbing renovation, if you’re considering going green with your upcoming plumbing project, Meticulous Plumbing can help. We understand how important it is to do your part to conserve the Earth’s resources, while saving money at the same time.

We’ll recommend the best upgrades to make your plumbing systems greener and recycle the fixtures and appliances we remove. Or, perhaps you have already started your efforts to have green plumbing in your home, but you need a repair on something. You can trust our expertise and hands-on experience. Contact us at (503) 208-2812 today to learn more.

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