Earthquakes happen in different parts of the world every day — not just in southern California. It’s always smart to be prepared just in case we have one in the near future. This includes earthquake plumbing prep.

According to Oregon State University Professor Dr. Chris Goldfinger (as reported by KGW), “there is a 33% chance of a major Cascadia Subduction Zone quake happening in the next 50 years.”

Smart homeowners plan ahead and keep things maintained well in their home. Your home’s plumbing system is no exception to the necessities of earthquake preparedness.

In the case of an earthquake, your water heater and pipes are very vulnerable. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your plumbing system prepared.

Helpful Tips for Earthquake Plumbing Prep

#1: Make sure your water heater is secured.

Earthquakes cause things to fall and move around. Your water heater is not something you want to fall or break, as it has scalding hot water in it. Not to mention, it could be connected to a gas line, which is incredibly dangerous.

Make sure the water heater is strapped to the wall studs. It should be secured in two main parts: about a third of the way from the top of the tank and then about four inches above the thermostat area.

#2: Know where the water shutoff is.

If an earthquake happens, pipes can break and crack, causing flooding in and around your home. If you feel the earth moving, first make sure you and your family are safe. Then, get to the water shutoff area as quickly as possible and turn off the water to the whole house.

#3: Have an emergency plan.

Just like you would have a plan for evacuation in the event of a house fire, you should also have an emergency plan ready for action in case of an earthquake. Read up on what different things you should include in an emergency preparedness kit and have a safety route in place. Make sure you keep your emergency supply stocked and ready.

These few steps could keep you safe and save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water damage. Not to mention, you could protect yourself from a dangerous gas emergency or a full water heater replacement, which can be costly.

If you need help securing your water heater, preparing your home, or checking your gas line connections, our plumbing experts at Meticulous Plumbing can help. Contact us today for an appointment or to talk about earthquake plumbing prep.

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