ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units, are becoming increasingly popular in Portland partly because the city’s relative high cost of living makes transplanting difficult for many to afford. As there’s no owner-occupancy requirement in the city, property owners have the freedom to rent out their Portland ADU as short-term rentals or keep them as separate living spaces for guests.

Why build an ADU in Portland?

As smaller living spaces continue to trend in big cities, more and more property owners are discovering ADUs can have a big impact on their bottom line. People who have completed ADUs on their property most often say they do it for the extra rent income every month and housing flexibility. For example, you can easily rent out your ADU to make a little extra money each month. In addition these structures, also known as mother-in-law units, can serve homeowners as extra living space for guests, aging family members – you name it.

Porltand ADU rules

There are different regulations to follow depending on whether you’re building an ADU from scratch, or are converting an existing space into an ADU. When a new ADU is proposed to be built, it undergoes the same inspection process that a newly constructed house would face.

While there’s no owner-occupancy rules in Portland, the city still has plumbing related regulations to your ADU that must be followed. Here’s a quick overview of what to be aware of before you start building an ADU:

  • Built as a new structure – These ADUs must pass the same inspection and permit process that a newly constructed building would undergo. This includes appropriate measurements for windows, roofs, doorways and more.
  • Added to existing building – Be prepared to have complete information on the building’s proposed square footage, as well as dimensions of the structure itself, whether it be an attic, basement or garage that’s being converted.

It’s absolutely critical that you ensure to clear the proper zoning criteria in your Portland neighborhood. ADUs require special permits from the city, so visit the city of Portland’s official page dedicated to ADU permit and zoning requirements.

Find plumber for your Portland ADU

If you are unsure how to begin adding an ADU to your property, or have issues with your home’s plumbing system, give the professionals at Meticulous Plumbing a call. Our plumbers can help guide you through the construction process and plumb your new ADU to ensure it’s functional for years to come.

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