Today, we thought we’d talk about broken pipes and burst pipes.

For homeowners and property owners tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of their homes, offices, and facilities, a broken pipe is the stuff of nightmares. It may be helpful for those folks to know about a few common scenarios involving broken pipes.

Not too long ago, McMenamins Edgefield, one of Oregon’s most popular destinations, found itself in the middle of a broken pipe fiasco.

According to The Oregonian/OregonLive, a broken sprinkler pipe was the culprit. The broken pipe flooded three floors and 200 people were forced to evacuate the building. KATU reports that the pipe broke because a hotel guest tried to hang from it.

Chances are that any broken pipes on your property won’t be caused by someone hanging on them. Instead, they’ll probably burst because of age, defects, freezing, corrosion, or other problems that accrue over time.

How To Tell If An Underground Pipe Is Leaking

If you suspect a leak in an underground pipe, you should call a plumber immediately.

What are some telltale signs of an underground pipe leak?

  • Loss of water pressure
  • Muddy areas on otherwise dry ground
  • An unusually high water bill
  • The flow indicator or leak indicator on your water meter moves even though water is turned off

Repairing Broken Pipes in Portland

Lots of things can lead to burst pipes in your plumbing system. As mentioned above, frozen pipes can become damaged pipes when, among other things, those cold pieces of metal are exposed to warm air.

As the employees and guests at McMenamins Edgefield learned, when a water pipe — including exposed pipes that make up a sprinkler system — breaks open, cold water flows everywhere. It can take a long time, lots of labor, and lots of money to dry things out, get those water lines secured, and get the water system up and running again.

Plumbing problems often require property owners to shut off the main water valve, reducing water pressure and then eventually eliminating the building’s water supply altogether. For businesses like a hotel or spa, this can lead to losses in revenue. For homeowners, it can lead to a visit from your friendly neighborhood plumber.

Contact Meticulous Plumbing with any questions. If you have a plumbing problem, we’ve probably seen it — and fixed it! We provide a full slate of expert plumbing services in Portland, including repiping, water heater repair and installation, kitchen remodeling, leak repair, and so much more. We also can help with tips on how to repipe a house.

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