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How to Find a Reliable Portland Plumber

Plumber Beaverton, ORThe skills of a plumber will be required at some point in the life of a Portland homeowner. The convenience of plumbing can become a nightmare without proper up-keep. Ignoring repairs of the tiniest plumbing problem can prove to be very costly due to extensive damage that can and will occur.

You may have some knowledge of repairs but calling on a professional Portland plumber when the job is beyond your own scope of ability is imperative. While plumbing isn’t necessarily difficult, much of it is beyond the abilities and knowledge of the average homeowner and a botched job can end up costing you way more than if you had called an experienced plumber in the first place… [Click Here to Read More]

Energy and Water Saving Tips

Plumber Portland

If you’re looking for one more way to slow water consumption, save energy, and save money, consider buying a new refrigerator, dishwasher, or clothes washer. The environmental benefits are immediate, and you’ll earn your investment back in a few years, especially with the rebates, Oregon tax credits, and federal incentives now available to most homeowners.

Why is making the switch important? Because saving energy prevents pollution. When you choose Energy Star-rated products, you help prevent global warming and promote cleaner air, without sacrificing product quality and performance… [Click Here to Read More]

Bathroom Basics: Use Recycled Materials

Plumbing PortlandMaking a splash in the bath — while using less water — is increasingly the goal of “green-minded” homeowners embarking on a bathroom remodel. And with good reason: According to WaterSense, a voluntary public-private partnership program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, each American uses an average of 100 gallons of water per day at home. By installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances, usage can be dropped by about 30% — which shaves an average of $170 per year off a $500 water and sewer bill.

Put another way, a family of four could save more than 16,000 gallons of water per year by replacing a traditional toilet with a low-flush toilet. Low-flow showerheads and fixtures are also relatively inexpensive and highly effective ways to save water… [Click Here to Read More]

Useful Plumbing Tip Sites

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – WaterSense

Water Heater Service PortlandWaterSense makes it easy to find and select water-efficient products that can help your wallet and the environment. Just look for products bearing the WaterSense Label at your local retailer.

WaterSense labeled products are backed by independent third party testing and certification, and meet EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. When you use WaterSense-labeled products in your home or business, you can expect exceptional performance, savings on your water bills, and assurance that you are saving water for future generations… [Click Here to Read More]

Oregon Construction Contractors Board – Consumer Help & Information

Portland PlumberWhy check a contractor’s license? The Construction Contractors Board (CCB) believes the best way to a successful home improvement, repair or new home project is to know your contractor.

Checking a contractor’s license can tell you: (1) The contractor is actively licensed and has a surety bond; (2) The contractor submitted proof of liability insurance at the time of application and insurance renewal*; (3) The contractor submitted information that they carry Workers’ Comp Insurance to protect its workers on the project; (4) Breach of contract complaints filed with the CCB in the past seven years. (5) CCB disciplinary actions against business in the pasts seven years… [Click Here to Read More]

Water Heater Incentives

Portland PlumbingAs a trade ally contractor of Energy Trust of Oregon, we can help with cash incentives and state energy tax credits for improving the energy efficiency of your home. Upgrade to a high-efficiency electric or gas water heater today to start saving energy and money. Energy Trust offers cash incentives for contractor-installed water heaters.

Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit: up to $200 for gas water heaters (depending on model efficiency level). Water heater must meet Oregon tax credit criteria; see Oregon Department of Energy or your tax accountant for complete details. Federal energy tax credit: 10 percent of cost, up to $300 (depending on model efficiency level). See rules and requirements… [Click Here to Read More]

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