• Meg Willison/Borton
    Meg Willison/Borton

    I am proud to co-run Meticulous Plumbing with my husband, Leo. Before teaming up, I worked as a dispatcher for a large airline, as well as for construction and plumbing companies. The combination of my extensive dispatching experience and my desire to provide top-quality service on every job has helped shape the award-winning Meticulous Plumbing vision. We truly love our customers and are proud to do everything we can to make your experience pleasant, quick, and affordable!

  • Leo Borton
    Leo Borton

    I am a second-generation plumber with over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Of those 30 years, 20 have been spent on the service side, with 10 years devoted to training in both management and plumbing systems troubleshooting strategies. I am proud to bring reliable expertise and strong personal integrity to co-running Meticulous Plumbing with my wife, Meg. My favorite part is working with our wonderful customers!

  • Anne Bachman
    Anne Bachman

    I’ve been working with Meticulous Plumbing since March of 2013 and have enjoyed working here because of the family atmosphere and the amazing team we have. I was born and raised in Portland, so I know the area very well, a fact that helps me dispatch our plumbers to locations where they can spend more time helping others while driving less. I’m amazed at all there is to learn about dispatching, as well as scheduling plumbing work and the plumbing trade itself. Who better to learn from than our fantastic team?

    In my spare time I volunteer for a local, no-kill animal shelter, and currently have a foster dog. My family and I also have three of our own dogs who enjoy having visitors and learning new things.

  • Linda Bagley
    Linda Bagley

    Since joining the Meticulous team back in March, I have come to realize how fortunate I was to have found them. Our team is dedicated to offering personable, genuine client care and accurate, efficient work. On jobs both large and small, our team’s integrity and care is apparent in both co-working and client relationships, which makes for a fantastic atmosphere and great results for all.

    My background consists of 25+ years of dispatch, customer service, and administrative experience. I am happy to finally work at a company where management realizes every department and employee is a big part of making the company rock-and-roll. I appreciate that Leo and Meg consistently model and encourage team solidarity to their employees on a daily basis.

  • Travis Markell
    Travis Markell

    I started working for Meticulous Plumbing in October 2012, and have enjoyed teaming up with such a talented, friendly group of people who treat their customers so well. Becoming a plumber came by chance for me. I was looking for a career change and became interested in plumbing based on a suggestion from a customer.

    Leo and Meg are great to work with and provide a nice work-life balance for their employees. In my spare time, I enjoy motocross and spending time with my two kids, our cat and nine chickens.

  • Daniel Holm
    Daniel Holm

    I recently joined the Meticulous team in January of 2015 as a plumbing tech and have been in the plumbing industry for over 10 years, although it’s only been a short while I have found that I joined an incredibly proficient company in all aspects. Being a full-time single parent of two children, I have come to find a great respect for a good family environment which is another reason I have come to thoroughly enjoy working with and for this amazing group of individuals.

    I’m a Portland native and still love to explore the city and surrounding areas as it has so much to offer. What I’ve always thought to be a great place to grow up is now where I am raising a family of my own! Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting all of our great clients around town!

  • Padre, Shop Dog
    Padre, Shop Dog

    I was just a pup when my family started Meticulous Plumbing over seven years ago. The office used to be in our living room, along with my favorite dog bed and toys. They moved the home office to a shop/office four years ago. It was a fun and exciting adventure from the beginning! Now, I run a busy shop and love all my co-workers. My parents even brought my favorite dog bed and toys here. If you hear a bark when calling in, just know I’m working on “quiet.”

  • Joe McPhee
    Joe McPhee

    Joe joined the Meticulous Plumbing team in December 2015. Joe is a 4th generation portlander born and raised in SE Portland. My grandfather was a plumber but I didn’t find my passion for it until after I had spent several years in the automotive mechanic field, which isn’t a bad background to have as a plumber. I have been plumbing now for over 5 years and have service experience as well as new construction.

    My off time is spent with my amazing wife, sweet baby daughter and neurotic puppy. Meg and Leo spend countless hours working to ensure that we all have a great work/personal life balance. I am so thankful that I found this company so that my quality of life with my family is as good as it is.

  • Fiona, Shop Pup
    Fiona, Shop Pup

    Hi! I am Fiona!! I am the newest member to the Meticulous Team, not the best listener, but brilliant crazy smart. Should have everyone trained to my liking in no time. I get to go to work with my folks, and hang out with my super friends in the office. LOVE people! My hobbies include, playing with Padre, playing, chasing my tail, surfing desktops, and food….food in any form, any any any kind of food.

  • Shelby Hoffman
    Shelby Hoffman

    I started with Meticulous Plumbing in April of 2016, where I brought my skills from several of my previous employers to apply to my customer service representative role at Meticulous. I grew up in Ridgefield, Washington where I worked my summers on my grandfather’s berry farm. I operated tractors, forklifts and did the bookkeeping.

    I began to work for Applebee’s Restaurant, then a security company, where I learned great communication skills, building trust and to create a great reputation with customers as well as working well under pressure. I have also gained something that cannot be taught, becoming a mother of a little boy who will be 3 years old. Who is by far my best friend. We enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, and just spending time with our other family members. I have never worked for a company who cares as much about their employee’s as they do their own family, and Meticulous does. Leo and Meg are by far the best bosses I have ever had, and I enjoy getting up each day and coming to work. I thank Meg and Leo for the great opportunity to join this family.

  • Joey Beltran
    Joey Beltran

    Now in my fifth year in the world of plumbing. Transitioning from new construction to service plumbing has been great! I have been able to transfer my skills and knowledge in this field, and constantly adding experience. Leo and Meg provide a great work environment and support system!  Looking forward to grow with the company in the years to come.

  • Kyle Kivett
    Kyle Kivett

    I joined the Meticulous Plumbing team in December 2016. My prior experience consists of construction, drain work, and general labor. I strive to constantly develop myself by learning new skills and trades. I draw a deep sense of fulfillment by helping family and friends with these new found skills. I am currently waiting to begin my 1st year as an apprentice plumber. My passion for plumbing comes from the desire to help others with their plumbing issues. In addition to that, I have a deep passion for learning and working in a trade that will benefit myself and my family for many years to come.

    I can’t thank Meg and Leo enough for transferring me into this new role. They provided me with an enormous amount of support for me while I was preparing for apprenticeship. I enjoy everyone’s company here at Meticulous Plumbing. I like to spend my time off hunting, fishing, offroading, eating tasty food and spending time with my amazing family and girlfriend.